Experts call for the abolition of private health insurance

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Bertelsmann Stiftung and consumer advocates recommend abolishing private health insurance companies

The Bertelsmann Stiftung and the Federation of German Consumer Organizations (vzbv) are calling for health insurance reform. The idea: The statutory (GKV) and private (PKV) health insurance plans are merged into a new form of insurance, which is to be financed from contributions from employees, employers and tax funds, according to the latest press release from the Bertelsmann Stiftung.

Greater fairness and efficiency through the merging of health insurance In the opinion of the two organizations, merging the previous insurances is necessary in order to make health insurance generally fairer and more efficient, because "splitting health insurance is inefficient and problematic for the self-employed and low-wage earners", and " Germany is the last country in the world where this model exists, "said Aart De Geus, CEO of the Bertelsmann Stiftung. Accordingly, according to Gerd Billen, board member of the Federation of German Consumer Organizations, it is time for an integrated health insurance policy that would take into account the interests of everyone: "Especially insured persons must currently expect higher premiums again" - that is why the expert must now act on the part of politics "Health policy must make a decision in the coming legislative period for the integration of SHI and PKV so that all actors know where the journey is going," continued Gerd Billen.

Ten-point plan for concrete implementation presented With regard to the specific implementation of the claim, the two organizations have now presented a “ten-point plan for integrated health insurance”, in which questions to be clarified and the necessary reform steps are shown - this includes For example, the harmonization of medical remuneration as well as compulsory insurance for the self-employed and civil servants, whereby grading of health insurance contributions based on age or individual health risk should be excluded in the future. Instead, according to the ten-point plan, "all health insurance providers [..] should be freely selectable by all insured persons in the future. The contributions should reflect the performance of the insured persons", Gerd Billen demanded - accordingly, the financing of the new health insurance should The two organizations see three pillars: employee, employer and tax revenue.

Criticism from the Association of Private Health Insurance However, the call for uniform health insurance does not meet with approval everywhere - instead, the Association of Private Health Insurance (PKV) opposed the demand directly. According to the PKV association leader Volker Leienbach "10 times 10 points can easily be justifiably criticized in the 10-point plan [..]", because Germany has "one of the best health systems worldwide." A comprehensive network of family and specialist doctors, clinics and pharmacies is available to all insured persons - both legally and privately - ”, said the association's current press release. In Leienbach's opinion, the 10-point plan is therefore "a fiction" in which people - insured persons, doctors, employees and civil servants - are happily pushed back and forth "and" without reason and certainly not for their own good ", because It should be borne in mind that in countries with a uniform insurance system there would be "serious inequalities, rationing and provision on a purse". According to Volker Leienbach, the existing health care system should not be endangered by "groundless radical operations" - after all, people's satisfaction shows the reality: "According to a recent Allensbach survey, 82 percent find our health care system good or even very good. In addition, privately insured people are more than 90 percent satisfied with their medical care, ”said the head of the PKV association. (No)

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