Anti-Diet Day: Diets make you fat

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Anti-Diet Day: Starvation diets are unhealthy and increase weight

Today is the international anti-diet day. The inventor of the protest day, an English feminist, wants to use the day to draw attention to the dangers of dieting and the slimming craze. Many people are chasing an ideal that they will never achieve. Due to the yo-yo effect, those affected become increasingly fat and damage their health.

For the 21st time, the worldwide Anti-Diet Day will take place today, on May 6th. More and more people are following the idea of ​​fighting the diets. They protest against the everyday delusion of being slim.

Protest against slimming craze
Every day the media are full of attractive "super slim women" who are actually already underweight. In addition, hundreds, even thousands of diet guides are published. That is precisely why the popular opinion is "slim is sexy". Around 20 million people in Germany try to lose fat with a diet every year. "Chasing an unattainable beauty ideal is often associated with an unhealthy lifestyle," warns British author and feminist Mary Evans Young. That is why she and her colleagues announced the anti-diet day in order to demonstrate to be slim against the madness.

The protesters take the day as an opportunity to point out the health risks that can result from incorrect weight loss. In many cases, attempts to lose weight result in regular mental illnesses such as bulimia or anorexia.

Yo-yo effect increases faster
Although an official study by the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) found that "25 percent of Germans are already overweight to obese and have a BMI higher than 30", in most cases a diet would not help those affected. Because hardly any diet is able to actually ensure that it weighs less in the long term.

A study by the Gesellschaft für Konsumforschung (GfK) with more than 2,000 female subjects showed that only very few were able to maintain their weight after the diet. About 50 percent of women were just as overweight after just 12 months as before the starvation diet. About 23 percent weighed even more. Only around 27 percent weighed less than before losing weight.

Only changing your lifestyle can bring success
This is no secret, because only those who change their lifestyle, eat healthier and exercise more actively can achieve a lasting effect. “Lifestyle change instead of diet is the motto,” says the activist. But that "diet" is a longer process and less immediate success. But after a starvation diet comes the yo-yo effect and it makes the weight increase faster. The Anti-Diet Day has been taking place since 1992. Various campaigns are also being launched in Germany. (sb)

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