More adults take ADHD medication

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Number of prescriptions for ADHD drugs increased significantly

The number of young adults receiving medication for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) has increased significantly again last year, according to the Techniker Krankenkassen (TK). Over the years, children and adolescents have seen a significant increase in ADHD diagnoses in the past, which has sometimes been assessed extremely critically. Children who do not comply with the norm in everyday life are hastily immobilized with medication, according to the accusation that has been voiced many times. The other side, however, always emphasized the importance of medicinal ADHD therapy and was able to show some successes.

More and more former ADHD children are slowly reaching adulthood, but their illness has not been overcome. Accordingly, the number of prescriptions for ADHD medication among young adults is increasing significantly. “The so-called childhood disease ADHD does not automatically end at the statutory age limit. It is therefore important that the patients are not simply left alone during the transition period from adolescence to adulthood, but that they continue to receive comprehensive medical care, ”said Dr. Edda Würdemann, pharmacist at TK, the increase in prescriptions. It remains unanswered here whether the high number of ADHD diagnoses has actually been justified in recent years. If so, the drastic increase in prescriptions for ADHD medication would be a consequential mistake.

Dramatic increase in prescriptions for ADHD medication According to the Techniker Krankenkasse, the number of young adults "who were prescribed a preparation for the treatment of ADHD increased by twelve percent between 2011 and 2012." Based on the prescribed medication packs an increase of around 20 percent was observed in the same period. The specialist group of pediatricians had prescribed twice as many packs as general practitioners. According to the information provided by TK expert Dr. According to Würdemann, close cooperation between the specialists is required, especially when young ADHD patients transition to adulthood. However, the current evaluation had shown that "this cooperation between the specialists is usually already implemented today." The "increase in prescriptions for ADHD medications for patients between 17 and 20 years is in most cases with the responsible specialists". accrued, reports the Techniker Krankenkasse. In this context, specialists are understood to be "for example child and adolescent psychiatrists, neurologists and doctors who work in psychiatric and psychotherapeutic outpatient clinics".

Good reasons for the increased prescription of ADHD medication? Dr. explained the possible causes for the significantly increased prescription numbers of ADHD medication to young adults. Would then that one of the main reasons for the increase in the number of prescriptions is most likely the approval of a drug with the active ingredient methylphenidate for adults, which has only been valid since April 2011. "There is a certain catch-up effect here," emphasized the telecommunications expert. The drug "Medikinet adult" can be prescribed to patients over the age of 18, "if ADHD was diagnosed in childhood and other therapeutic measures are not sufficient," the TK said. Although there seem to be good reasons for an increase in prescriptions for ADHD medication, doubts and concerns remain, especially with regard to the long-term effects of drug therapy for ADHD. (fp)

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