15th Thuringian alternative practitioner day in Erfurt

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15th Thuringian alternative practitioner day in Erfurt: pain treatment, antibiotics, autoimmune diseases

On Saturday, the 11th Thuringian alternative practitioner day. On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the Association of German Alternative Practitioners e. V. (VDH), this specialist event is the continuation of a series of events that is spread over the year and takes place at various locations in Germany. The 15th Thuringian alternative practitioner day begins at 9:00 a.m. with the official opening by VDH President Heinz Kropmanns in the Carl Zeiss Hall at Messe Erfurt, Gothaer Straße 34, 99094 Erfurt. Entry to the entire lecture program and visiting the accompanying industrial exhibition is free of charge.

With the first day of alternative practitioners of the VDH e.V. 1994 in Erfurt, a successful tradition was initiated in Thuringia. The exchange of knowledge and experience about naturopathic healing methods has great potential. That is why professional further training is an absolute must for the profession of naturopath. Constantly increasing demands in daily practice require continuous further training in therapy procedures, legislation and innovations in the naturopathic pharmaceutical sector. Thuringian alternative practitioner day offers this opportunity for further professional training and contact with the colleagues. All naturopaths as well as all trainees and physicians working in natural sciences from Saxony and neighboring areas are addressed.

The content of the 15th Thuringian alternative practitioner day comprises 18 lectures spread over the day from diagnostics and new therapeutic approaches in the treatment of pain from arthrosis, the fight against pathogenic microorganisms, germs, bacteria, viruses and fungi without antibiotics, general autoimmune diseases to stress and Sleep disorders as a preliminary symptom of “burn out”. The exchange of knowledge and experience about naturopathic healing methods is of particular importance for all active naturopaths and aspirants.

The Verband Deutscher Heilpraktiker e.V. (VDH) was founded in 1963 and, with its more than 3,000 members nationwide, is one of the large national professional associations in the profession of alternative practitioner and is in close and collegial contact with the other professional groups. The VDH has the task

- to promote the free profession of naturopath and his offspring from a professional and political standpoint,
- to support the association members in the protection of their interests towards authorities and legislative bodies, as well as towards other associations,
- to ensure a good relationship between naturopaths among themselves and with the other professions in the healthcare sector, and
- to ensure the continued existence of naturopathic medicine and its development and promotion of a contemporary professional profile on the basis of a medicine rooted in tradition. (pm)

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