Dentist pulled 11 teeth without consent

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Dentist before the regional court: teeth pulled without medical need?

A dentist will have to answer before the Stendal district court next Thursday. The doctor from Havelberg in Saxony-Anhalt had pulled a patient's teeth in the lower and upper jaw in April 2010. According to the patient, the patient had not given her consent. The district court had already ruled that there was no medical need for this procedure.

Teeth pulled without medical need?
A trial against a Havelberg dentist will start before the district court next Thursday. He is accused of pulling numerous teeth from a patient without her consenting to this. The lower court had also ruled that there was no medical need for the procedure. As a result, the judges sentenced the dentist to a prison term of one year and three months and two years' professional ban, according to a spokeswoman for the regional court. The 42-year-old man has now appealed against this decision to the Stendal Regional Court. The court initially set four trial days for the trial.

Another case of tooth extraction
In another case, one month a dentist failed to get his medical license. The doctor, who was convicted of assault, failed with his request before the Magdeburg Administrative Court. The court dismissed the lawsuit against the state administrative office of Saxony-Anhalt, thereby confirming the denial of the license. The defendant was also sentenced to eight months suspended probation. The doctor pulled 20 teeth from a patient under general anesthesia without sufficient findings. The doctor did not ask whether the intervention should take place in this form. In addition, the dentist was ordered to pay a fine for violating the Narcotics Act. "The verdict is not final," said a court spokesman.

The spokesman for the administrative court should not be able to tell whether there is a connection between the two cases. "This is subject to data protection". (sb)

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