Bras wear out the breast tissue

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Sports medicine warns against "wearing out" the breast tissue

A French sports doctor examined the breasts of 320 women and came to the conclusion that bras wear out the breast tissue. When young women start to wear bras, they eventually become “dependent” on the bra, even though they originally didn't need a bra, says Jean-Denis Rouillon.

Bras let slacken breast tissue Actually, bras should support the breast and give it support. But that's exactly what sports doctor Jean-Denis Rouillon from the University of Franche-Comté in Besançon questions. As part of a 15-year research, the French doctor came to the conclusion that wearing bras is not generally an advantage. Rouillon examined the breasts of 320 women who had volunteered.

“Medical, physiological, anatomical - breasts have no advantage if they are held against gravity. On the contrary, the bra makes you flatter, ”Rouillon told France Info Radio. The "suspension" inside the chest is forced to inactivity by wearing a bra so that the tissue wears out over time. Then the woman became "dependent" on the bra, although she was not originally dependent on him.

Better breathing and less back pain without a bra The 28-year-old runner Capucine Vercellotti was one of Rouillon's subjects. She no longer wore any for the examination while running. After five minutes, it didn't hurt anymore, says Vercelotti. "It has many advantages: I breathe more easily, I support myself better and I have less back pain," Vercelotti told "France Info". In the bra, she "no longer feels comfortable".

However, Rouillon's results should, according to the company, be assessed as provisional. The test subjects had voluntarily participated in the study and did not represent a representative cross-section of the world's female population. The internal structure of the breast had to be examined in individual cases in order to be able to make individual statements. In principle, the sports doctor cannot advise a 45-year-old who has had three children to wear a bra.

How much wearing a bra leads to sagging breasts has to be investigated in further studies. Basically, the sagging of the tissue is part of the natural aging process. (sb)

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