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Traditional Chinese medicine has a lasting effect on neurological disorders

Polyneuropathy is one of the most common diseases of the nervous system and causes uncomfortable numbness, tingling in the feet and legs and severe pain when walking. In the further course, those affected mostly increasingly lose the feeling of the ground under their feet and thus the ability to coordinate. The walk becomes clumsy and insecure. In the end, many only have a wheelchair. Particularly tricky: At first, the neurological disorder is difficult to diagnose, but in the advanced stage, conventional medicine often lacks the means to stop the disease. Therapy is usually limited to the administration of medication to make everyday life with polyneuropathy more bearable. In many cases, the drugs do not work or have serious side effects. Chinese medicine, on the other hand, gets to the bottom of the causes and thus improves well-being. According to a study, 90 percent of patients benefit from this holistic approach.

"According to the Chinese understanding of the disease, the cause of the nerve disease lies in unwanted substances that accumulate in the body for years due to overwhelming clarifying functions and impair the microcirculation in the tissue," explains Dr. Christian Schmincke, general practitioner and head of the TCM clinic at the Steigerwald. This so-called tan hinders the internal supply and disposal processes and increases the mucus. The focus of the treatment concept is therefore on the use of Chinese medicines that break this vicious circle and strengthen the body's ability to evacuate. The individually coordinated recipes contain substances that mobilize, convert and remove tan. "Most of the time, this can already be seen as a significant improvement in individual symptoms of polyneuropathy," reports Dr. Schmincke.

Acupuncture and body therapy measures support the recovery process. Gentle needle stimuli, massages and Qigong exercises help to release causal energy blocks and painful tensions. In the clinic at the Steigerwald alone, this holistic approach has successfully treated more than 1,000 polyneuropathy patients over the past 10 years. Health status improved sustainably in more than 50 percent of those affected; in others, the disease process was often at least stopped. "This result is of particular importance given that the disease was in most cases already well advanced and conventional medicine could neither reverse nor stop the painful disease process," emphasizes Dr. Schmincke.

To prevent the formation of tan, the TCM expert recommends avoiding dairy products as far as possible and eating as early and light as possible in the evening. Even better: fast one or two evenings a week. The external influences that overwhelm the stimulus can also be easily reduced with small changes in behavior. "Simply missing the TV does not only relieve the sorting function of the body, but also relaxes the soul," emphasizes Dr. Schmincke. (pm)

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