Hartz IV: Persecution of sick people through job centers?

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Scandalous persecution of sick Hartz IV recipients by job center

With a new internal directive from the Federal Employment Agency, employees of the job centers are asked to follow sick Hartz IV recipients. This is an instruction to actively violate the law, as the magazine "gegen-hartz.de" reports.

Job center employees as "gods in white" When sick, everyone longs for rest and relaxation. For Hartz IV recipients, however, this is now considerably restricted by an instruction from the Federal Employment Agency (BA). Affected Hartz IV sufferers should be checked by clerks "more and more frequently" and "justifiable doubts about the incapacity to work" should be investigated. Even the benefits should be cut. Once again, the job center employees are supposed to exceed their legal as well as professional competencies and rise to “gods in white”.

Legal machinations? Thanks to the revealed instructions, the BA will have to ask in the future whether government employees can now take over medical competencies and thus try to harass Hartz IV recipients. Even if a clerk suspects that the person concerned is "not sick", the benefits should be reduced arbitrarily. According to a newspaper report, a seven-page paper "with technical information" gives concrete information on how to recognize alleged "blue-makers". The job center employees are instructed to pay attention to the following: Hartz IV recipients who are "conspicuously frequent or conspicuously frequent only for a short period", who are often sick before or after the weekend, miss an appointment at the job center for illness, after having quarreled with Announce an absence or an illness at the end of a vacation. The internal directive also addresses the issue: "The person who is capable of work and who is entitled to benefits repeatedly indicates incapacity for work or submits a certificate of incapacity to work after being invited to a registration appointment, after being offered or canceling a measure, after having discussed the personal contact in which she announced her absence , or after a refusal to grant vacation on the desired date, at the end of her vacation or immediately after, after receipt of a placement proposal. "

Doctors are not always trusted If a sick person presents a medical certificate, according to newspaper reports, clerks should “look more closely”. If they also find that there is a suspicion of a possibly advanced illness, the medical service of the health insurance (MDK) should be involved. This should then be used to examine the sick Hartz IV recipient again. It should be examined “if necessary also in the home of the person concerned”. A decision of the MDK is often made “without an examination based on the file”. (ad)

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