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World Health Day for the "silent killer" high blood pressure

Like every year on April 7th, World Health Day, organized by the World Health Organization, took place yesterday. This year the motto was “high blood pressure”, which many call “silent killer”. In recent years, areas such as antibiotic resistance or infectious diseases have been the subject of discussion, so yesterday's motto was “high blood pressure”.

Doctors call him the "silent killer" goals that the authority sets itself each day with the day, among other things, a greater awareness of the topic and prevention and early detection are improved. And the latter is extremely important for high blood pressure (hypertension), since it mostly acts calmly and in secret. If you feel weak with illnesses like flu and suffer from various pains, many people with high blood pressure feel very comfortable. Few sufferers experience symptoms such as headaches or throbbing temples, the majority of whom do not notice anything. This leads to a big problem: the fact that most people do not even notice the disease by itself can have serious consequences. Possible consequences are heart failure or infarction, kidney failure, damage to the eyes and even blindness, and premature aging of the brain. Hypertension is the most important risk factor in stroke.

The deadly quartet In people with high blood pressure, factors such as obesity, fat metabolism disorders ("high cholesterol") and diabetes are often added as additional dangers. This combination of risk factors is also called the “metabolic syndrome” or the “deadly quartet”. And the number of sufferers is increasing and increasing, according to the WHO there are already a billion people affected. In 1980 the numbers were still around 600 million.

Healthier lifestyle in demand But hypertension is often not an irreparable fate. On the one hand there are good treatment options in cases where it is necessary and on the other hand high blood pressure can often be prevented by a healthier lifestyle. On the one hand, it would be important to calm down, relax, and on the other hand, nutrition plays an important role. For example, the proportion of finished products that often have a high salt content in our diet increased more and more. Study results recently presented at an American cardiac convention showed that too much salt in food alone caused approximately 2.3 million deaths from cardiovascular disease in 2010. The German Press Agency reported that almost 40 percent of those affected died under the age of 70.

"Civilization diseases" burden health systems Eating too much and moving too little: typical causes, the result of which is that they become thicker. Obesity, alcohol and smoking are common factors that lead to high blood pressure. Hypertension is considered a so-called "civilization disease", which therefore depends on the prevailing living conditions. Such diseases play an enormous role in increasing health costs and burden the systems with additional billions. Education and prevention are becoming increasingly important for economic reasons. The World Health Organization has set itself these goals so that insufficient information and ignorance lead to a global threat to health.

One blood pressure monitor per household Since many people with hypertension often do not know anything about their illness, it is all the more important to wake up both them and doctors with the help of World Health Day. But even if the disease is known, there is sometimes no treatment or it does not have the desired effect. Basically, however, the "silent killer" must first be recognized in order to treat him. It makes sense to have at least one blood pressure monitor in your medicine chest in every household. Regular check-ups at the doctor are of course more professional. It doesn't take long, but ideally you can gain a longer life span through early treatment. (ad)

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