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Health insurance company responsible for applying for a mother-child cure

As the mother's recovery agency reports, women who apply for a mother-child cure should make sure that the application is processed by their health insurance. Only if the mother's ability to work was restricted would the application as a rehabilitation measure be recognized by the pension insurance.

Pension insurance not responsible for mother-child cures When applying for a mother-child cure, the woman should keep in mind that the health insurance does not forward the matter to the pension insurance. If the application is nevertheless processed by the pension insurance, mothers should take action against it, advises the Mothers Recovery Agency (MGW). Women affected should therefore immediately contact the pension insurance company and inform them there that it is not a rehabilitation measure for which the pension insurance would be responsible. The health insurance fund was only entitled to forward the application to the pension insurance if the mother's employability was restricted or endangered. In the case of a mother-child, however, the health problems of the woman, which arise in connection with child rearing due to multiple stresses, are more important.

14 percent more mothers and children in cure measures According to the MGW's annual statistics for the past year, "the situation for sick mothers who apply for a cure measure from the MGW is better than it has been for a long time". Last year the rejection rate was 19 percent. However, 65 percent of the women affected received a promise if the mothers disagreed.

"Our assessment is clearly positive and a success of all political efforts in recent years," said Marlene Rupprecht, Member of the Bundestag and Chairman of the MGW Board of Trustees. "Around 14 percent more mothers and their children were granted a course measure by the health insurance companies". This trend is also reflected in the expenditure statistics of statutory health insurance (GKV). Expenditures for preventive and rehabilitation benefits for mothers and mothers with children increased again for the first time last year. They achieved an increase of 15.7 percent and were thus at the level of 2008, according to the MGW.

Rupprecht criticized the fact that there were still no standardized attestation forms in order to promote a uniform procedure for processing applications. "65 percent success rate in the event of contradictions shows that there can be no talk of a uniform, uniform procedure for processing applications at the health insurance companies," says Rupprecht. (Sb)

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