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Hundreds of thousands of insured do not pay their contributions

Nationwide, health insurance companies are currently recording record losses due to outstanding premium payments, because hundreds of thousands of insured people are unable to meet their payments. In 2012 alone, the total arrears rose from EUR 1.53 billion to EUR 2.15 billion, according to an overview from the umbrella organization of statutory health insurance (GKV). Of this current sum, however, the GKV report, after 1.27 billion euros, should be classified as "temporarily deprived", which means that in these cases the collection of outstanding contributions is suspended because the economic circumstances of the debtor mean that there is temporarily little chance of success - in With regard to the remaining 872 million euros in outstanding membership fees, the defaulters are currently being asked to pay by the health insurers. The so-called "self-payers" are often affected here, and in most cases they are freelancers whose contributions are not automatically paid by the employer as with employees.

Increasing number of defaulting insured, even with health insurers in Saarland The health insurers in Saarland are also confronted with an increasing number of defaulting insured - at IKK Südwest alone, the total outstanding payments rose from 5.6 million euros in 2009 to 7.2 million Euros in 2012. In view of this situation, according to press spokesman Roland Spengler, it can be doubted "whether the current plans to reduce the interest burden can solve the problem in the long term", instead solutions should be considered, how "one can design contributions and equip people so financially that they are able to pay their contributions. ”Since the introduction of general compulsory insurance in 2007, many self-employed persons have been unable to pay their contributions.

Barmer remains spared from massive increase The Barmer GEK in Saarland also has to contend with defaulting payers - in 723 cases currently, a total of around 4.3 million euros would come together, according to the press spokeswoman. Nationwide, the group of insured persons affected by the Barmer GEK consisted relatively consistently of around 52,000 people with current premium arrears totaling currently 310 million euros (compared to 2012: 228 million euros). So far, however, the Barmer has been spared from an "explosion of cases" as other cash registers experience, said the spokesman for the GEK Südwest Claus Uebel.

Politicians react to record failures with draft law According to figures from the umbrella organization of statutory health insurers, the contributors now owe all health insurers a total of around seven billion euros - time for a bill by Health Minister Daniel Bahr (FDP) to be presented to the Federal Cabinet next week. The central idea of ​​the planned law is “that the current default penalty of five percent per month will be drastically reduced. The interest for defaulting insured persons will in future be one percent per month, ”said the GKV.

From the coalition's point of view, this could also mean new rules for privately insured persons - defaulting payers should therefore be transferred to an "emergency tariff": "Insurance should then only cover the treatment of acute illnesses and pain as well as benefits during pregnancy and maternity," said the SHI further.

Dunning procedure for open payments Because those who fail to meet their contribution payments are currently being asked to do so relatively quickly by the health insurers: Open payments are first reminded of the insured, if there is no response over a longer period of time, the case is handed over to the authorities and a bailiff with commissioned to collect the outstanding receivables, although in this case the insurance coverage remains in principle. (No)

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