Rise in dementia patients in Germany

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More and more people in Germany suffer from dementia

Dementia is becoming a widespread disease. Every year the number of people affected in Germany increases by 40,000 patients.

The "Rheinische Post", published in Düsseldorf, reported on Friday, citing figures from the German Alzheimer's Association, that almost 300,000 primary illnesses occur every year. The number of new cases is significantly higher than the number of deaths and thus the dementia patients are continuously increasing. In the event that it is not possible to protect those affected from memory loss or to cure them, the number of people with dementia will increase from 1.4 million to three million in 2050.

A few years ago, the forecast figures were somewhat lower, according to a statement from the Berlin Institute for Population and Development. Even then, the growing social problem was pointed out. (ad)

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