Recall: Trichinella in wild boar meat

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Recall for trichinella in wild boar products

The district of Görlitz "recalled precautionary boar meat and boar cracker due to a possible contamination with trichinella (thread worms)." The sausage products were sold by "Mario Steinert Frischgeflügel, Eier & Wild GmbH", whose vans according to official announcement "on the regional weekly markets in East Saxony to the Dresden area and to the South Brandenburg area ”.

The wild boar roast sold on March 23, March 26 and March 27 and the boar crackers sold on March 26 may be contaminated with trichinella, reports the district of Görlitz. According to the authorities, the products should in no way be consumed and "consumers who have consumed such wild boar meat products should immediately consult their family doctor or appropriate medical facilities, to indicate that there is a risk of infection with trichinella, so that appropriate medical measures can be taken there."

So far it has not been possible to determine where the cause of the trichinella contamination of the wild boar meat lies. However, the district stated "that no mistake by the company Mario Steinert is visible." According to the previous knowledge, the company had "complied with all food law and hygiene conditions."

Health risk from trichinella Trichinella cause so-called trichinellosis in humans. According to the Görlitz district, this is extremely rare in Germany. Only 63 cases of this notifiable illness were registered on average across Germany between 2001 and 2011. The incubation period after ingestion of the Trichinella is usually between five and 14 days, but can also take up to one and a half months. Trichinellosis is characterized by gastrointestinal complaints such as diarrhea, abdominal pain and nausea. In the further course, symptoms such as fever, chills, muscle pain and skin irritation can occur. If the course of the disease is severe, the risk of inflammation of the meninges or the heart muscle is at worst. (fp)

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