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Despite the freezing cold, the first asparagus is sold

Despite the freezing temperatures and the onset of winter in Germany, the first asparagus from German cultivation is already available on the markets. This is made possible by the heatable mounting areas. Because the method is very expensive, the asparagus also costs more.

Asparagus now still very expensive Despite the cold temperatures, consumers can already buy German asparagus. The stick vegetables are already available in some shops. Some wholesalers have already started selling German asparagus, which comes from heated areas. Since the total amount of the harvest is still very small, the asparagus costs a lot more. Currently, customers have to pay between 14 and 20 euros for each kilogram, reports Karl-Martin Vielhauer from the fruit and vegetable sales cooperative (OGA) in Bruchsal, Baden. Asparagus is considered a real spring vegetable. It is very healthy, contains many vitamins, fiber, iron and immunologically active ingredients and is low in calories.

A wholesaler in Mannheim is already selling asparagus from German countries. The managing director of “Frey Großhandels”, Ralf Frey reports that the price per kilo would be between 9 and 19 euros. According to the fruit and vegetable sales cooperative, there are some farms in Bavaria and Rhineland that harvest asparagus with the help of heated areas. But many environmentalists criticize this type of asparagus cultivation because it uses a lot of energy.

Criticism of heatable acreage Sebastian Dreyer from Greenpeace said: The onset of winter is not necessarily a problem when growing asparagus. Before consumers are already buying asparagus, one can also wait until the beginning of April to harvest. Frey said, however, it is crucial when the asparagus grows in the near future and "for this we need above all sun". (sb)

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