30,000 euros for early detection of breast cancer

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30,000 euros for early detection and healing of breast cancer: Breast centers, self-help groups and other institutions can now apply

The Association for the Healing of Breast Cancer, KOMEN Germany, is tendering 30,000 euros from proceeds from fundraisers to promote early detection and help projects for people with breast cancer in the regions in which they were taken. Breast centers, self-help groups and other non-profit organizations in Hesse, North Rhine-Westphalia and Hamburg can now apply for one year of funding.

"It has been a tradition in Germany since 1999 that we collect donations and spend them on breast cancer screening and help for those affected," said Inge Althaus, chair of the funding committee, when announcing this year's funding volume in Frankfurt am Main. "In addition to breast cancer prevention and early detection, we primarily support projects that improve the quality of life of breast cancer patients." In the case of breast cancer, side effects of the treatment can affect the quality of life of the operated on. These include lymphedema, fatigue or sleep disorders. The illness and the lengthy treatment can also strain partnership and family. "That is why this year we are particularly calling on such institutions to apply for project funding that focus on their work," explained Inge Althaus.

The funding was raised in 2012 through the Race for the Cure charity runs in Frankfurt, Cologne and Hamburg as well as other charity events. For Hessen, the Frankfurt Run raised 15,000 euros in funding. In North Rhine-Westphalia, in addition to the Cologne Race, a golf tournament in Nettetal and the Lex donation run in Mönchengladbach contributed to the result of 7,500 euros, in Hamburg the Zumba Party in Pink increased the proceeds of the race to 7,500 euros in September. So far, KOMEN has provided funding of almost 1.2 million euros in Germany for early detection, aid projects and support for health services research.

The funding period is one year. Applications must be received by KOMEN Germany by May 31, 2013. Applicants will be notified by around mid-July. The terms and conditions and further information can be found on the Internet at www.komen.de/foerderprogramme. (pm)

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