Vitamin D helps with immune deficiency

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Study: Vitamin D helps with immune deficiency

Vitamin D can help people with immune deficiency if they suffer from frequent respiratory infections. To do this, it must be taken in high doses. The vitamin can prevent these infections and help reduce antibiotic consumption. This is the result of a study by Swedish researchers. These had treated 140 adults with 4000 IU of vitamin D3 per day or with a placebo for a year. All subjects had a clear immune deficiency with a tendency to respiratory infections.

Symptoms significantly improved The patients had suffered from respiratory infections with corresponding symptoms for at least 42 days within the past 12 months. The following were measured: symptoms of the respiratory tract, ears and sinuses, feeling sick and taking antibiotics.

The study ran for 12 months and during this period the observed parameters were reduced by almost a quarter by taking vitamin D3 compared to the placebo group. Antibiotic consumption in the verum group also decreased by around 60 percent.

Only given when the levels are low and the immune system is weak. The Stockholm scientists recommend determining the level of vitamin D3 for frequent infections, which should be at least 20 nanograms per milliliter. However, vitamin D3 supplementation only makes sense if the value is really lowered. The results of the study are limited to patients with weakened immune systems. Therefore, the results cannot easily be transferred to the effect on healthy people or on people who only suffer from an infection from time to time. (Original publication: Vitamin D3 supplementation in patients with frequent respiratory tract infections: a randomized and double-blind intervention study. BMJ Open 2012; 2: e001663 doi: 10.1136 / bmjopen-2012-001663)

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