Toxic dust from laser printers makes you sick

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Billions of particles are separated out by laser printers

Laser printer: They are considered fast and efficient. For years, however, individual experts have repeatedly pointed out the toxic dangers of laser printers. So far, however, no larger public has been sensitized to this topic, so that the industry does not react. Now the NDR consumer magazine "Markt" has taken up the topic. The result: "Many laser printers release billions of toxic substances into the air". The particles are extremely tiny, but this very condition also makes them very dangerous to health.

So far, consumer advocates or scientists have not addressed the dangers of laser printers. Nevertheless, there is always a discussion about the danger of laser printers. It is confirmed that the printer releases extremely small particles, so-called nanoparticles, into the environment. Until now, there was no clear data as to what is actually contained in the toxic fine dust.

Secret list of the Federal Environment Ministry showed up
According to information from the television magazine "Markt", "the sometimes very toxic emissions could be assigned to specific printer models". In this context, the Federal Environment Ministry had tested a total of 10 printers from different manufacturers for fine dust emissions. When the results were on the table, the ministry refused to disclose the data to the public. However, the program's editors were able to access the highly explosive data via an informant.

According to the magazine, for example, the Konica Minolta Magicolor 4650 EN would secrete about 3.3 billion particles per A4 A4 page printed. The Epson EPL N3000 is also said to release around 2.4 billion nanoparticles. According to the results of the investigation, the particles would also be contaminated with heavy metals. The Brother HL 5240 is an almost equally segregating laser printer. According to the results of the Federal Environment Ministry, it would blow around 1.4 billion particles into the air.

Nanoparticles with heavy metals
The very same particles can be very harmful to health, say the editors of the NDR. Some of the printers examined emit a particularly large number of particles with heavy metals. Environmental physicians and toxicologists classify these substances as "questionable". A study by researchers at the University of Freiburg found that these substances damage human lung cells. "This can lead to cancer," said the Freiburg scientists. According to the broadcaster, eight of the ten printers analyzed are "still in their original form or in a modified design". The NDR broadcast can be seen tonight at 8:15 p.m. (sb)

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