One in two goes to work despite illness

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Every second person is under constant pressure and is at work despite illness

Every second German feels permanently under pressure and stressed, just as many have dragged themselves to work for some days. Over 75 percent of people feel that the mountain of work in front of them grows and grows. These are the results of a new type of stress level check carried out by the Siemens company health insurance fund SBK.

Too much negative stress and the resulting illnesses currently determine the news world. The burdens increase, but so does awareness. In the “Stress Report Germany 2012” recently presented by the Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, over 40 percent of German employees state that their workload has increased noticeably over the past two years. Health insurers are also currently sounding the alarm because the number of sick days due to burnout is skyrocketing. According to figures from the BKK federal association, these have increased 18-fold within eight years. The SBK is countering this development and is raising awareness of symptoms with the help of its stress level check. And with success: Over 4,000 users have already used the test to determine their stress level.

"The new online test enables a dynamic distinction between the areas of" stress "," burnout "and" depression "", says Carolin Brenner, health expert at the SBK. "It is also completely anonymous and in the evaluation, which the participant immediately receives as a PDF file, not only provides an overview of the current status, but also provides information on support offers from the SBK."

Overview of results of the stress level check The first results that the medicaltex quality assurance institute draws from the stress test confirm the alarming results from other studies: Only 5.6 percent of the participants did not feel stressed at all - over half (55.4 percent ) however, quite often or even most of the time. 46.4 percent stated that they regularly work overtime; 73.2 percent that work has become more and more. A total of 78.6 percent were frequently interrupted and disturbed in their work. 18.8 percent went to work regularly last year even though they were sick; 50.4 percent did this at least sometimes.

Carolin Brenner: “The numbers of the stress level check and above all the lively participation suggest that there is indeed a need for men, but also that awareness of one's own mental health is increasing. This is exactly what we want to support. Only those who are aware of their own burdens can recognize warning signals early and take effective countermeasures ”.

The stress level check is a product of medicaltex GmbH, an institute for quality assurance in Munich. It was developed in collaboration with experts from psychiatry, psychotherapy and medicine. The test is free and takes a maximum of ten minutes. The evaluation is done anonymously, it is in no way possible to draw conclusions about individual persons. (pm)

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