12 health insurance companies want to pay a premium

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Health insurance companies want to pay out premiums

The twelve statutory health insurance companies will pay a premium to the insured this year

In the current year, a total of twelve statutory health insurance companies want to pay out a premium to the insured. "However, certain conditions have to be met for the payment," explains insurance expert Jens Liebermann. Depending on the health insurance company, the distributions are between 30 and 120 euros.

Bonuses with requirements
Hundreds of thousands of people with statutory health insurance can look forward to a premium this year. However, certain prerequisites must be fulfilled for this. "For example, this is the case if the insured have been a member for a certain period of time or have switched to the premium fund by a key date," says Liebermann. For example, all health insurance fund members of the Techniker Krankenkasse (TK) who joined the company between May 1 and December 31, 2013 are entitled to a premium of EUR 80.

The Stiftung Warentest also points out in a press release that in numerous cases new customers can also receive a bonus if they adhere to the deadlines. The health insurance companies use the premium on the one hand to relieve existing customers and return billions of dollars in surplus and on the other hand to attract new insured persons. However, consumer advocates warn against hasty change intentions: insureds should not switch health insurance policies alone. ” Instead, a change should be well considered, especially if you were actually quite satisfied with your previous health insurance company.

Don't let premiums spoil the choice of cash register
In any case, the additional health benefits are important criteria that are decisive when choosing a health insurance fund. These can vary greatly from one cash register to another. Some health insurance companies, for example, already take on additional services such as osteopathy, naturopathy or homeopathy. Some health insurance providers also offer professional tooth cleaning, which is actually an IGEL service. Home health care can also differ greatly from some health insurers.

These cash registers are guaranteed to pay
The following health insurers want to pay a premium: Atlas BKK Ahlmann (up to 120 euros), BKK ATU (up to 30 euros), BKK Akzo Nobel-Bayern (up to 60 euros), BKK from Thuringian Energy Versions. (up to 60 euros), BKK firmus (up to 120 euros), BKK Business & Finance (up to 72 euros), BIG direct (up to 100 euros), G&V BKK (up to 120 euros), HEK (up to 75 euros), hkk (up to 100 euros), IKK Healthy Plus (up to 75 euros) and Techniker Krankenkasse (up to 80 euros).

Additional contributions soon?
"The premium distributions will not last long," warns the insurance expert. Some health insurance funds already say that they will have to collect additional contributions again in two to three years. The Gesamtverband der Krankenkassen (GVK) had therefore always spoken out against paying out the surpluses, since the billions surpluses should instead be used to compensate for worse times. However, the Federal Ministry of Health put pressure on the health insurers, so that many now decided to take this step. According to unconfirmed reports from the magazine "Der Focus", 134 health insurance companies are planning to pay out the surpluses. However, most of the funds mentioned have neither denied nor confirmed the report. (sb)

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