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Laughter incontinence is more common in girls

By then at the latest, children will no longer be able to laugh: without having felt the slightest urge to urinate, their bladder will empty completely when they laugh. What still sounds funny as the proverb "make your pants laugh" is a great psychological burden for those affected. Most of the time, the illness comes with puberty, but sometimes it remains an unpleasant companion. For children, medication and targeted pelvic floor training help , Adults also help botox injections.

So far, experts have not been able to clarify how this disease, also known as Giggle incontinence, comes about. "But there are studies that show that there are often multiple cases within a family, so genetic causes are obvious," says Dr. Reinhold Schaefer, urologist and managing director of the medical network Uro-GmbH North Rhine, the current scientific status. Organically, urologists attribute the uncontrollable loss of urine when laughing to unstable emptying muscles, which only enable incomplete bladder control. The disease usually occurs in girls between eight and twelve years of age and disappears on its own after puberty. "However, going to the urologist is still indispensable - even if it is difficult for affected girls," emphasizes Dr. Shepherd. Because the consequences for the mental health of children weigh heavily: in addition to their own feelings of shame combined with low self-esteem, contemporaries often exacerbate suffering through massive teasing.

Strengthening the pelvic floor muscles helps with laughing incontinence
A therapy option offers targeted training, for example, to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles. Dr. Schaefer makes it clear: "This is the first time that girls of this age develop an awareness of their pelvic floor muscles and learn to tense them in a targeted manner." If this measure does not alleviate symptoms sufficiently, medication against this form of urge incontinence usually helps. In some, though rare, cases, the disease persists through puberty. Urodynamic measurements then use pressure probes and electrodes to provide information about how the bladder works to rule out other organic causes. “Treatments are very individual due to the insufficient scientific data. In some cases, urologists have had very good results with a botox injection into the bladder muscle, ”concludes Dr. (pm)

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