Exchange of party lenses: infections possible

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Disinfect party lenses well in front of pockets

Party lenses are extremely popular, especially in the carnival season. Whether smiley, cat's eye or scary look, party lenses are available in all variations. However, the fun lenses are not completely harmless, as the Kuratorium Gutes Augen informs.

Beware of infections when changing party lenses The Kuratorium Gutes Augen (KGS) in Berlin warns against changing party lenses. Even if it is tempting to change the color of your eyes with your best friend, you should make sure that the fun lenses have been sufficiently disinfected. “Anyone who exchanges contact lenses without disinfecting them beforehand gets foreign germs directly on their eyes. While the immune system can easily cope with its own natural microbial balance, other people's germs can quickly overwhelm the immune system and lead to an infection, ”reports Peter Moest, professor of contact optics and optometric measurement methods at the Beuth University of Applied Sciences in Berlin.

Do not wear party lenses when driving Party lenses with a motif restrict the field of vision and should therefore not be worn when driving. The KGS advises you to exchange the lenses for glasses or normal contact lenses before driving.

In the meantime, colorful party lenses are also offered in drug stores or costume shops. There are lenses with different correction values, but there is usually only one unit size that does not fit every eye. As the KSG informs, a lens that is too tight can have health consequences for the eye. A visit to an optician is therefore advisable. (ag)

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