Fry fish fillets fat-free and healthy

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Fry fish fillets fat-free on baking paper

Fish is generally considered healthy, but a preparation that is too high in fat can have taste and health disadvantages. Therefore, fish fillets should be fried on baking paper as fat-free as possible, Sandra Kess from the Fish Information Center (FIZ) in Hamburg recommends to the news agency "dpa".

At the International Green Week 2013, until Sunday last week, a cook at the fish information center booth was able to have a cook explain "fat-free roasting on baking paper". The FIZ chef also demonstrated live how the fish fillet on baking paper works well in the pan. With the easy-to-use method, the fish can be tanned without coming into contact with the fat. Fish fillets dripping with fat should therefore be a thing of the past.

Frying fish not directly in the oil Sandra Kess, responsible for public relations at FIZ, explained that the fish does not have to be directly in the oil to cook. A low-fat preparation is quite possible with the help of a piece of baking paper cut to size. So first a tablespoon of oil is heated in a pan and then a piece of baking paper adapted to the size of the pan is placed in it. The oil only acts as a heat conductor and the unpaneled fish fillet can brown in its own fat. So the fish is briefly fried on both sides until the fillet is cooked. According to Kess, fish types with firm meat and, depending on taste, with or without skin are well suited for this preparation method. The expert cited Dorsch as an example. However, there are numerous fish recipes available for the low-fat roasting method. Kess also emphasized that a pleasant side effect of this method of preparation is the avoidance of fishy smell in the kitchen. (fp)

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