The Czech Republic legalizes cannabis for health

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Czech parliament decides to legalize cannabis for serious illnesses

The Czech Parliament approved legalization of cannabis for medical purposes on Wednesday. 67 of the 74 senators in the upper house approved the new regulation. According to this, cannabis can be prescribed by doctors for serious diseases such as cancer, multiple sclerosis or Parkinson's.

First of all, the cannabis will be imported to the Czech Republic from Israel or the Netherlands for a year. The government then plans to award five-year breeding licenses in its own country.

German Bundestag votes on legalization of cannabis Recently, the German Bundestag dealt with an application from the "Die Linke" faction, in which the party called for "legalization of cannabis through the introduction of cannabis clubs".

According to some studies, around three million Germans used cannabis in different forms last year. Around 14 million Germans have already had experience with cannabis. Legalizing 30 grams for personal use would put an end to the criminalization of consumers. In so-called "Cannabis Social Clubs", adults could legally buy cannabis products without fear of criminal consequences and without exposing themselves to the dangers of the black market, explained Georg Wurth, Managing Director of the German Hemp Association (DHV). (sb)

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