Erectile dysfunction can herald heart problems

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Erectile dysfunction as a warning for heart diseases

As part of a study, Australian scientists found that erectile dysfunction can be a first warning sign of an approaching heart attack. "Erectile problems can be a first warning for cardiovascular disorders," summed up the research team in the science magazine "Plos Medicine". Erectile dysfunction can also be used to announce other heart diseases. If you experience heartache or high blood pressure, you should see a doctor as soon as possible.

Warning about cardiovascular risks Problems with erection can indicate a higher cardiovascular risk. The more pronounced the erectile dysfunction, the higher the risk of developing a heart attack or another coronary artery disease, as researchers led by study leader Emily Banks from the "Australian National University" in Canberra (Australia) in the course of one Find out meta study. "Erectile dysfunctions could be used as an early warning for cardiovascular diseases," Banks reports, referring to his own research results.

For the study, the researchers analyzed the data from around 95,000 men. All subjects had already passed the age of 45. Between 2006 and 2009, the men filled out an anonymized questionnaire. Among other things, the question was asked whether there had been erectile dysfunction or erectile problems in phases and, if so, to what extent and whether they already exist.

Men with erectile problems died earlier
Over time, the scientists determined the reasons for hospital admissions. Death data and background information on the operation of the study participants were also included in the evaluation. In the end it turned out that a total of 7,855 men with heart problems or manifested cardiovascular diseases were hospitalized. Exactly 2304 men died during the study phase.
The subsequent analysis showed that a mild erection problem can herald a subsequent heart disease. Men who did not yet have a clinically recognized heart disease, but who had erectile dysfunction, later developed a heart condition such as a heart attack, hardening of the arteries or weakness of the heart than other test subjects. It was also shown that men with erectile dysfunction had a shorter lifespan than men without erectile problems.

Note but no direct connection The researchers emphasize in the summary that there is "no direct connection between erectile dysfunction and cardiovascular events". However, the disorder could serve as the first warning in medical practice to detect heart diseases at an early stage. Both conditions can have the same causes as hardening of the arteries. For this reason, sufferers of erection problems should also consult a specialist in cardiology.

Doctors have known for a long time that erectile dysfunction can indicate heart problems. What is new, however, is that even mild forms of dysfunction can serve as an indicator of heart disease. According to the researchers, the extent can also be diagnosed very well.

Potency disorders are more of a psyche problem, especially at a young age. Doctors only speak of functional erectile dysfunction when patients have been unable to achieve an erection in 70 percent of erection attempts for more than six months. Although suffering is widely considered a taboo subject, researchers assume that around five million men are affected in Germany alone. Organic causes are also present in around 80 percent of cases. While only a few young men suffer from the disorder, every fourth person over 65 is affected by erectile dysfunction. In addition, sufferers often suffer from type II diabetes, hypertension or heart failure. The main triggers are vices such as obesity, little exercise, alcohol consumption and smoking. Medications such as beta blockers can also cause erectile dysfunction as a side effect. In addition to the physical background, psychological circumstances should always be considered medically. (sb)

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