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Men's Health Congress: "The main thing is that the car is healthy!"

While women go to the doctor regularly, many men still believe that "a real guy" is not looking for help, reports the Federal Center for Health Education (BZgA) on the occasion of the first congress on men's health in Germany next Tuesday in Berlin. To date, personal health has hardly played a role in the lives of many men. "The body has to function like a machine - is the creed of many men," says the BZgA message.

With the first men's health congress, the Federal Center for Health Education and the Federal Ministry of Health want to discuss the special “Challenge and future perspectives of men's health.” For this purpose, experts from all relevant areas of men's health and health promotion are invited. Through the congress on men's health, the experts also hope to raise public awareness of the topic and to support "the development of men's-specific strategies in the field of health promotion and prevention".

BZgA reports that men go to the doctor less frequently in this country than women, the BZgA reports. For example, "Health promotion and prevention offers are perceived by women much more frequently." According to the BZgA, men live "riskier than women" and point out "Less health awareness". They smoke more often, drink more alcohol and are overweight. The willingness to participate in preventive examinations (for example cancer screening) is, however, much lower among men than among women. The first men's health congress should now help to remedy this problem. Here, the experts also hope to find new approaches for differentiated access routes and concepts to reach the men.

Men know the fuel consumption of their car but not their own cholesterol levels. As part of the first men's health congress, the renowned sports scientist Professor Dr. Ingo Froböse from the Center for Health of the German Sport University in Cologne talk about "The questionable movement behavior of men". "The main thing is that the car is healthy," the expert pointed out. About 90 percent of men knew the average fuel consumption of their car and 80 percent could even state the cubic capacity, “but only 30 percent know their cholesterol level,” says Prof. Froböse. The sports doctor also described men as a real preventive muffle, who grit their teeth rather than go to the doctor, even in pain and injuries. If "women have a problem, they go to the doctor after three to four days, men only after 14 days," continues Prof. Froböse. Very few men think of going to a doctor's office without acute health complaints, although the costs for an annual health check from the age of 35 would be borne by the statutory health insurance companies.

Trend towards the health market for men However, the Federal Center for Health Education sees a clear trend towards the "health market" for men. There is currently an increasing effort to bring more or less sensible health offers to men. However, there are significant differences in the quality of the offers. "The range of information on the internet on the subject of men's health is also increasing, but it is hardly possible to distinguish serious specialist information from offers with undetected health benefits", the BZgA said. There is a considerable need for a neutral range of information, such as the BZgA's men's health portal (, which has been available since February 2012.

Growing range of information on the subject of men's health Overall, the subject of men's health has long been neglected in the opinion of the experts in the public discussion. It was not until 2010 that the first German men's health report was published, published by the Men's Health Foundation and the German Society for Men and Health, while the first women's health report was drawn up in 2001. Meanwhile, the special risks and behaviors of men have been discussed relatively well. Appropriately adapted concepts for health promotion and disease prevention in men are missing. For example, the latest data from the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) shows that men suffer from obesity more often than women (60 percent of men versus 44 percent of women), and drink too much alcohol more often (about 30 percent versus 20) Percent) and increased smoking (34 percent versus 26 percent). Until recently, however, specially adapted concepts to improve men's health were the absolute exception. It is not without reason that the average life expectancy for men is around five years lower than for women.

Men's health congress to network experts In the meantime, a large number of institutions have dealt with the topic of men's health. The “Men's Health Portal” of the BZgA has also been offering information on men-specific topics such as urological diseases, alcohol consumption, sports or fatherhood online for almost a year. With the first men's health congress, the BZgA and the Federal Ministry of Health are breaking new ground here in order to better network the players and develop new approaches to disease prevention and health promotion for men. Men should be motivated to do more for their health independently. For the time being, however, men's health will remain a significant “challenge for prevention and health promotion”, as the title of the first men's health congress shows. (fp)

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