After surgery 16 foreign bodies in the patient

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Pain compensation for 16 objects in the body after an operation

Treatment errors are not uncommon in clinics across Germany, but the current allegations against a clinic in Hanover clearly go beyond the known framework. While in the past individual cases caused a sensation in which a foreign body was forgotten after an operation in the patient's body, there are now 16 objects in Hanover that were discovered after an operation in the body of a patient who has since died.

How 16 objects can get into a patient's body during an operation without the medical staff present noticing is an unresolved question not only for the deceased's survivors and their lawyer. The only thing that is certain is that months after the operation in the Henriettenstift in Hanover, numerous foreign bodies such as a needle were discovered in the body of 74-year-old H. Brecht. The responsible chief physician, however, denied all blame to the local press. In a tough dispute, which the widow of the patient who died in April 2012 is now continuing, it has to be clarified what guilt actually affects the clinic's doctors.

80,000 euros in pain compensation from the Henriettenstift demanded that the Henriettenstift patient should only have an artificial intestinal exit, but the lawyer of the then 74-year-old accused the man of having several foreign bodies implanted at the same time. Months after the operation, 16 objects were discovered in the patient's body, according to medical law expert Annette Corinth, and the dispute over responsibility and compensation has been going on ever since. The family of the deceased meanwhile continues to demand adequate compensation for pain and suffering, while the doctor treating the doctor is said to have initially only been willing to pay 500 euros. There is now a sum of 15,000 euros in pain compensation, which the insurance company should be prepared to pay. However, the surviving dependents continue to demand a sum of 80,000 euros and have announced that they will also file a lawsuit in court. The dispute between the insurance of the Henriettenstift or the operating doctor, the VGH, and the patient in whose body the objects were discovered, has been going on since 2010, whereby the family doctor also attested to the man that serious treatment errors significantly worsened his Health status.

Pieces of compress, needle and bandage discovered in the patient's body The lawyer for the patient, who died in April 2012, told the Hannoversche Allgemeine Zeitung (HAZ) that after the operation in 2009, he had another operation in a rehabilitation clinic after bad results had to become. For months, more and more foreign objects such as a piece of compress, a needle or bandages were found in the patient's body. The medical law specialist described the extent of the foreign bodies found as “unique in medical literature.” The medical law expert assessed the previous offer of 15,000 to pay 15,000 as “significantly too low” and instead called for “on behalf of the patient's daughter and widow 80,000 euros in pain compensation ". The lawyer sees the Henriettenstift as being obliged to prove that the objects were not the reason for the patient's fatal course of the disease. Corinth did not follow the clinic's argument that the materials found were post-operative items that could not get into the patient's body during the procedure, but rated them as "pure delay tactics". (fp)

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