Breakfast increases concentration

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Work more concentrated through breakfast in the morning

Breakfast gives the body the energy for a positive start to the working day. When the food is taken in the morning, the empty batteries are recharged and the ability to concentrate increases, Margret Morlo from the Association for Nutrition and Dietetics told the news agency "dpa". However, the right choice of food plays a crucial role here. According to the expert, foods that are particularly high in fat should be avoided.

Many people regularly skip breakfast in the morning because they lack appetite in the morning or prefer to sleep a little longer than taking the time to have breakfast. However, this is disadvantageous for the concentration during the rest of the day. Because "after the night the body's batteries are empty", because the organism also uses energy for the heartbeat and maintaining body temperature during sleep, explained the expert from the Association for Nutrition and Dietetics. Working people who start the day without breakfast are therefore less concentrated, more tired and progress more slowly with their work.

Wholemeal bread, muesli and fruit for breakfast Ideally, the day should start with a light, balanced breakfast consisting of a muesli or a whole wheat sandwich. For this, "tea, coffee or water can be drunk," explained Morlo. Fruit consultants also recommend fruit for breakfast. In contrast, according to the expert, it is better to avoid particularly high-fat foods such as liver and tea sausage or a lot of spread fat at breakfast, because otherwise the body is too busy with digestion, which has a negative effect on the ability to concentrate at work. If there is no time for breakfast in the morning, at least a glass of juice or milk should be drunk at home, Morlo emphasized. However, she pointed out that this was nothing more than a drop in the bucket. At the latest at work, the body would have to be supplied with energy in the form of food.

Breakfast also important for schoolchildren In August last year, researchers from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich (ETH) published a study that examined, among other things, the effect of breakfast on the motor performance of schoolchildren. Accordingly, the school-age children were much more powerful when they had breakfast in the morning. The study leader Isabelle Aeberli from the Human Nutrition Department at ETH emphasized that her “study underlines the importance of regular breakfast for schoolchildren.” Previous studies had also shown that children are more likely to struggle with concentration problems and a reduction in cognitive performance. if they go to school without breakfast. The result of a study commissioned by the World Health Organization (WHO) from 2011 is particularly worrying, according to which one in three children in Germany leaves the house without breakfast in the morning. (fp)

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