Age spots require medical examination

Age spots should be examined urgently by a doctor

Everyone's skin changes naturally over the course of a lifetime. In addition to the loss of elasticity or the increased formation of wrinkles, so-called age spots are typical age-related skin changes. The age spots are usually harmless skin discoloration, but they should in any case be examined by a doctor, since in the worst case they can also indicate skin cancer, reports the professional association of German dermatologists in Berlin.

The pigmentation disorders of the skin called age spots are caused by ultraviolet radiation, whereby an increased exposure to UV radiation can lead to age spots even in younger people. If the age spots already appear under the age of 40, the experts recommend protecting the skin particularly intensively with cream with a high sun protection factor. This also applies in winter, for example when skiing. Appropriate light protection should prevent further skin damage from occurring. In addition, a medical examination of the age spots is urgently needed, even if the spots that mostly appear on the back of the hand, forearms, face and décolleté are mostly harmless. Because the age spots remain an expression of chronic damage to the skin by the UV rays and may also be a sign of skin cancer.

Anyone who is disturbed by the age spots for cosmetic reasons can have them removed using various medical procedures such as laser therapy or treatment with fruit, vitamin A acid or rucinol preparations. If intensive UV protection is subsequently carried out, the new formation of age spots can also be significantly reduced. From a health point of view, the removal of age spots is usually not necessary. (fp)

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