Pakistan: Cough syrup killed 13 patients

Tragedy in Pakistan: Cough syrup kills 13 patients

A cough syrup has once again caused a tragedy in Pakistan: since Wednesday last week, at least 38 men have been taken to the state hospital in the East Pakistani city of Gujranwala after taking such a juice, according to the director of the clinic, more than a dozen patients are suffering already died.

Background to the accident still unclear The cause is still unclear. The manufacturer of the drug - Reko Pharmacal in Lahore - denies responsibility, claiming that there had never been any complications with the "Tyno SF 120ml syrup", which has been on the market for 40 years. Instead, the pharma experts have their own explanation for the misfortune: under certain circumstances, cough syrup in too high a dose could have been used as an intoxicant, since a large proportion of the patients were addicted to drugs, according to the doctors.

Already the third drug scandal in Pakistan in 2012 The case is not the first in Pakistan: At the end of November, at least 16 patients in Pakistan's second largest city, Lahore, had died after taking another cough syrup. At that time, too, according to the local police chief from Lahore, the largest proportion of the victims were drug addicts - which suggested that the juice had been used in too high a dose as an intoxicant. As a result, three pharmacies and the manufacturing company were closed by the Pakistani authorities.

A far more serious case had already occurred at the beginning of the year: At that time, around 100 cardiac patients had died after taking locally manufactured, faulty medications, and almost 300 people had to be treated medically. As soon as the cases became known, the drug was immediately withdrawn from the market by a government official, and the owners of the three responsible pharmaceutical companies were arrested. In the current case, the authorities should advise on possible consequences on Friday. (sb)

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Pakistan: 16 people killed by cough syrup

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