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Nutrition of young children: from the age of one year, eat in adults

Infants can eat their parents' food from the age of one. Special children's food is no longer required for them, only a little sensitivity is required when choosing the dishes and using spices.

Feeding toddlers requires a lot of tact. When is the time to switch to complementary foods? When can the little ones eat their parents' food? Which foods are suitable and which are not? These are questions that all parents face at least with the first child. The Healthy into Life network, funded by the Federal Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Consumer Protection, offers useful information on feeding young children in their first year. At the end of the first year of life, the little ones should eat with the parents, explained Prof. Michael Krawinkel, pediatrician in the network to the news agency "dpa".

Fruit, vegetables, potatoes and pasta for toddlers from one year of age According to the expert, one-year-olds can confidently eat the food of adults, although the basic rules for a healthy balanced diet must be observed. According to this, fruit, vegetables, potatoes, whole grain bread and pasta should form the basis of the diet. Milk and milk products may also be on the menu three times a day. Animal foods such as meat, fish or eggs should however be consumed less and consumed only once a day. It is best to avoid sweets and sugary lemonade. They are only allowed in exceptional cases. According to Prof. Krawinkel, the following applies: "Whatever is put on the plate should be as colorful and versatile as possible and of course prepared for children".

Special children's food is not required According to the expert, the widely available food for children is not necessary for healthy child nutrition. "Special products such as children's food are not necessary," emphasized Prof. Krawinkel. The food for the little ones often contained a lot of sugar and fat anyway, which is not recommended in the long run. In addition, the special children's foods are usually overpriced. Eating together also has a positive effect on the feeling of community. The socializing while eating strengthens the togetherness in the family. The children's sense of taste is also trained by eating different foods. The little ones would normally be open to the new foods because they are curious from the ground up and like to try new things, the expert explained. (fp)

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