Nelson Mandela was released from the clinic

After removing the gallstones, Nelson Mandela was released from the University Hospital in Johannesburg

Former South African president Nelson Mandela was discharged from the hospital after successful treatment. As the state authorities say, "Therapy will continue at the ex-President's home in Johannesburg." Mandela had to undergo an invasive procedure to have the gallstones removed.

Mandela continues to be treated at home 94-year-old Nelson Mandela had to stay in the clinic for several weeks for the operation and follow-up treatment. Today the former president and resistance fighter against the past apartheid regime was released from the clinic in Johannesburg. "The treatment is not yet complete," one of the treating doctors is quoted in the South African media. "In his home, the ex-president will continue to receive medical care for a few weeks until he is completely healthy," said his personal spokesman Mac Maharaj.

Mandela was hospitalized on December 8, 2012 and was initially treated for chronic pneumonia. After that, the former head of state had the gallstones operated out due to severe pain.

Celebrities in South Africa relieved The long-time companion David Phetoe from Soweto was very pleased with the improvement in his state of health. "It is not always the case that the hopes that people have are fulfilled. In this case, we say - in a Christmas mood - let him stay with us a little longer."

"Mandela is an icon of hope for South Africa," said Sipho Sibiko from Soweto. He was one of the people on earth who inspired the artist. "I wish him more happy years and good health," said Sibiko.

Contradictory information from government agencies In the past few days, contradicting news and information from government agencies has caused a stir and alarm. Government spokesmen had repeatedly given false information about Mandela's current whereabouts. From this, many people derived the assumption that the health status of the pioneer against apartheid was bad.

Towards the end of his 27-year term in 1987, the Nobel Peace Prize winner suffered from tuberculosis. Since then, Mandela has had to be treated repeatedly for lung diseases. (sb)

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