With sport against the winter blues

Sport against the winter blues: Menopause is particularly bad in men in winter

Few people know it, but men also suffer from menopausal symptoms. From the age of 35, the level of testosterone in the blood gradually drops. As a result, many men feel weak and listless. These symptoms intensify in winter because the body increasingly produces the sleep hormone melatonin on dark days. If winter blues and menopause occur at the same time, men suffer from fatigue, erectile dysfunction and weak libido.

“Testosterone fulfills many functions in the course of a man's life: formation of the genital organs, pubertal changes as well as fertility and potency. Testosterone levels also affect male libido. When the body begins to produce less hormone, the desire for sex often gradually disappears when the sex is strong, ”explains Dr. Reinhold Schaefer, urologist and managing director of the Uro-GmbH North Rhine medical network. To find out whether a testosterone deficiency triggers the symptoms, urologists first examine body structure and muscle strength, because increasing pancreas also speaks for a deficiency. Only blood tests can clarify the level of testosterone in the blood. Since there are no hormone replacement therapies, urologists advise that menopausal symptoms are countered by healthy eating and exercise. In order to avoid fatigue and a drop in mood, those affected should pay attention to these tips, especially in winter. Despite cold and wet conditions, exercise is at the top of the to-do list for health-conscious men. Because too little sporting activity combined with Christmas festivities additionally increase side effects such as fatigue and lower libido. (pm)

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