KKH-Allianz: insured persons forced to give notice?

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Federal government: At least 135 members of the health insurance fund persuaded to switch

The statutory health insurance company KKH-Allianz is said to have pushed at least 135 insured persons to give notice. At the same time, employees at the cash register had massively pressed those affected over the phone. The insurance scandal was exposed by the ZDF political magazine "Frontal 21". After the broadcast, the federal government also dealt with the case. The KKH alliance denies the underlying systematics, but regrets “individual cases”.

According to a report by the ZDF magazine, the KKH alliance, with its headquarters in Hanover, has mostly urged the seriously ill to switch health insurance companies by phone calls. The seriously ill are obviously incalculable cost factors for the health insurance companies and mean higher expenses. Since the statutory health insurance is obliged to accept every member of the health insurance regardless of age, gender and previous illnesses, the Federal Government has also intervened in the case.

135 insured people pushed out of health insurance
According to the current state of knowledge, at least two employees of the KKH alliance are said to have persuaded around 135 particularly cost-intensive insured persons on the phone to change the cash register. Frontal 21 magazine relies on internal telephone protocols prepared by the employees. In an estimated 200 calls "At the end of 2011, the insured should have had an unacceptable influence on changing the health insurance fund," writes the parliamentary group of the left in the small request. After the calls, at least 135 insured are under pressure Gave in on the phone and changed health insurance.

When the scandal became public in October, the health fund announced a comprehensive internal review. The Federal Government now appeals to that in response to the small request from the Left Party. The ZDF reported that the KKH alliance had given the call to chronically ill patients who had not paid the temporary additional contribution. In the course of this, the employees "advised" the insured to change health insurance. After the broadcast, the KKH alliance denied that it had operated this systematically. Nevertheless, errors have already been admitted "in individual cases". The health insurance company currently has around 1.8 million members.

The insured were brushed off on the phone
The answer also revealed new insights into a similar case. When the City BKK went bankrupt and therefore had to close, the insured had to find a new fund. Older and chronic patients had great difficulties. In Berlin and Hamburg in particular, those affected had already been dismissed by a number of health insurance companies over the phone.

"Despite legal regulations, older and / or chronically ill insured persons are discriminated against," criticizes a spokesman for the Left Party. The events are proof that health insurance companies "can expect negative consequences from sickly insured persons". The left criticizes that the current design of the so-called "morbidity-oriented risk structure compensation" is apparently not sufficient to eliminate the problem. (sb)

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