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Most patients are apparently extremely satisfied with the quality of treatment in hospitals across Germany, according to the results of a recent survey by the AOK, Barmer GEK and the online portal "Weisse Liste", which is a "joint project of the Bertelsmann Foundation and the umbrella organizations of the largest patients - and consumer organizations ”independently informed about the quality of the different clinics.

Although most patients were satisfied with their hospital treatments, some of them saw clear differences between the individual hospitals, according to the current press release of the "White List". The results of the largest patient survey carried out in Germany to date have been integrated into the doctor search on the online portal since yesterday, whereby the "prerequisite for publication of results was at least 75 completed questionnaires on the respective hospital". Based on the ratings, patients can now better orient themselves when looking for a clinic.

More than 80 percent of patients would recommend their hospital. Around a million insured persons from the AOK and the Barmer GEK were asked about their experiences during a hospital stay last year, and more than 450,000 responded. Most of the patients were so satisfied with the treatment that they would recommend the clinics to others. A total of 83 percent of the hospital patients surveyed were satisfied with the medical care, 82 percent also rated the care situation as positive and 79 percent were satisfied with the organization and service. However, the assessments at the individual clinics were extremely different. Some hospitals only achieved a recommendation rate of less than 70 percent, while around two thirds of the clinics here were over 80 percent. The data from the patient survey on over 1,300 hospitals or over 70 percent of the clinics listed in the portal are published in the "White List".

"White list" helps with the search for hospitals In the individual clinics there are not only general treatment differences, but also with regard to the various illnesses, the options in the hospitals vary widely. Here there is usually a direct connection with the equipment and qualifications of the treating doctors, which is also taken into account in the online hospital search on the "White List". Based on the zip code and the reason for treatment, patients can search for a suitable hospital nationwide. The evaluation of other patients offers useful help at this point. The integrated information on the frequency and quality of certain treatments in a hospital also help with research. The quality reports that the clinics have to publish due to legal requirements are the central basis for this. The portal can be used “without any previous medical knowledge”, with just under “5,000 general terms translated in a comprehensible manner, an integrated diagnostic interpreter and understandable explanations” making the search easier, according to the press release of the “White List”. A total of around 1,900 hospitals are listed on the portal. (fp)

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