Agriculture and nutrition as a school subject?

Peasant president calls for a subject on agriculture and food

According to the President, knowledge of agriculture and food should be imparted at school by the Bavarian Farmers' Association. Peasant President Walter Heidl supported the Bavarian rural women 's request for a separate school subject on agriculture and nutrition for the news agency "dpa".

With the introduction of a subject "everyday and life economics", the dwindling knowledge of the population about food, its origin and its preparation can be counteracted, the farmer president justified the demand for a separate school subject. "We are experiencing how many women, but also men, are simply overwhelmed to make targeted purchases," explained Heidl. The result is that ready meals, which only have to be prepared in the microwave, are enjoying increasing popularity. More and more people would go for the finished products in the supermarket, while fewer and fewer would go to the vegetable department. "Freshly prepared dishes are cheaper and healthier." There is simply a lack of knowledge about foods and their preparation.

Therefore, the request of the regional executive board of the rural women in the Bavarian Farmers' Association for a separate school subject "Everyday and Life Economics" from the primary to tenth grade is worth supporting. After all, “the children are the future adults and consumers,” emphasized Heidl.

While in the past most Germans were at least familiar with domestic agricultural products and their possible preparations, this knowledge has been increasingly lost in the population in recent decades. Recipes for preparing vegetables can be read online or in cookbooks in a variety of versions, but convenience often wins in the end when shopping. Not least because many lack the knowledge about the types of vegetables offered. Some suppliers - especially in the organic segment - close this gap by putting together an offer of different vegetables for their customers and thus taking away the selection. Consumers can then look up appropriate recipes at home. (fp)

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