Continuation of obstetrics ensured

Obstetrics have been under increasing pressure throughout Germany, mainly because of the high costs of professional liability insurance. More and more midwives have given up this core area of ​​their field of activity. All the more gratifying is the news from the Johanneum in Wildeshausen that the continuation of obstetrics in the hospital has been secured.

Last year, around 260 children were born in the Johanneum Wildeshausen, and the number of births in 2012 is expected to increase to 2012, reports the hospital. In view of this very positive development, receiving obstetrics in the clinic seems out of the question. However, the Johanneum was initially faced with the task of succeeding Dr. Gynecology and Obstetrics, who will retire at the end of March 2013. med. Günter Grewe to find. "It is very, very difficult to find a gynecologist right now," emphasized the administrative director of the Johanneum, Hubert Bartelt. Grewe is one of two attending doctors who have been maintaining the practice for gynecology and obstetrics in the medical care center (MVZ) of the Johanneum. "The long and intensive efforts to secure the succession of Dr. Günter Grewe paid off: With Dr. Wolfgang Killinger has won the Johanneum an experienced and qualified gynecologist as an attending physician for the hospital, ”said the clinic.

Expansion of services in gynecology and obstetrics planned The continuation of obstetrics is ensured through the regular succession for the gynecologist at the Johanneum Wildeshausen. In addition - "thanks in part to the third statutory health insurer's office, which was awarded to the Johanneum by the Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians" - the course has been set for an expansion of services in gynecology, reports the hospital. Obstetrics in the Johanneum Wildeshausen is taking on an increasingly important care position in the region, since a year ago obstetrics in neighboring Bassum discontinued their offer and in September the women's clinic of the municipal hospital in Delmenhorst also closed its obstetrics. The administrative director of the Johanneum also sees an opportunity to expand obstetrics in his hospital. The patients are looking for a replacement to be offered in Wildeshausen.

The future of medicine is female Although the third attending doctor for the gynecology and obstetrics department at the Johanneum Wildeshausen has not yet been found, the clinic was also optimistic that it would be possible to recruit qualified doctors in the near future. A division of the third medical office is also conceivable, so that ultimately four doctors would take over obstetrics in the Johanneum. This would significantly reduce the burden on the individual physicians, since four doctors have a completely different frequency of service, explained the administrative director of the clinic. Regarding the job vacancies, Bartelt added that the future of medicine is female and "most young doctors are women". For this reason, "the compatibility of family and work plays a greater role." When the position could be filled, it is not yet clear, but he has only known "for a week that we have got a third doctor," explained Bartelt.

Other important replacement appointments at the Johanneum The Johanneum has not only regulated the succession in the field of obstetrics, but has also found a successor for the physician Dipl. Med. Ulrich Will, who suffered a tragic fatal accident in July 2012. From April 2013, Dr. Annette Sonnenburg started her work as an attending physician for the hospital and as an ENT specialist at the MVZ Johanneum. With the ENT doctor who previously worked at the Bremen-Mitte clinic, "an extremely qualified and experienced successor was found," reports the Johanneum Wildeshausen. (fp)

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