Irritated and depressed by the Christmas scent

Irritated or depressed mood due to the Christmas scent

In many households, scented candles, incense smokers and the like are currently causing the supposedly pleasant smell can have a negative effect on the psyche, warns the osmopractor and chairwoman of the aroma-netz e.V. association, Hanna Christiane Günther, in a recent announcement. The intense fragrance may even make you irritable and depressed.

"Scents have a great effect on the subconscious (and) have an individual effect on every person," the expert told the news agency "dpad". According to the osmopractor, many fragrances that were initially perceived as pleasant can become a subconscious burden in the long run. This applies to the scent tree in the car as well as to scented candles, incense sticks or Christmas decorations such as Advent wreaths studded with cinnamon and cloves. "In excess, fragrances can have negative effects on our psyche, make us irritable and depressive," emphasized Hanna Christiane Günther. Therefore, the fragrance in your own four walls should not be exaggerated, even if it creates a Christmas atmosphere, according to the expert.

Continuous fragrance overloads and over-stimulates the sense of smell Most people find certain fragrances particularly pleasant at first breath. For example, vanilla wakes up many memories of childhood days, cookies and sweet pudding, explained the osmopractor. Cinnamon, anise or coriander are often associated with a festive Christmas mood. The initially positive feeling through the scents can lead to negative effects on the psyche if the intensity remains high. The "permanent fragrance overloads and overstimulates the sense of smell," explained Günther. This also has a creeping effect on the psyche. “At first, you still feel the scent as pleasant, but soon the mood changes, you feel uncomfortable, empty or irritated,” continues the expert. According to Hanna Christiane Günther, users should therefore experiment very discreetly with the scents in order to maintain the pleasant sensation. "Please don't hang a vanilla scent tree in the car or let the scented lamp burn in the living room for hours," emphasized the osmopractor.

Moderate use of fragrances required According to the expert, the "right size is crucial for the fragrances". For example, fragrance lamps with 100 percent natural essential oil should only be lit two to three times a day for 20 to 30 minutes each. The osmopractor recommends a dosage of a maximum of three drops of pure essential oil in 50 milliliters of water. The rooms should also be regularly ventilated, Günther continued. Artificially flavored scented candles are generally not recommended, since "these synthetic replicas" represent a "complete overexcitement" and "their psychological effects cannot be assessed on the individual." in a vase or on small bowls with spices such as vanilla beans, star anise and cinnamon sticks.

Essential oils with a relaxing effect The natural fragrances from local ingredients are also recommended for use in a scented candle, explained the osmopractor and named fir oils as a special tip. "We have known the scents of silver fir, balsam fir, forest pine, mountain pine, spruce needles or cypress since childhood, because they are part of our culture," Günther continued. This familiarity also increases the positive power of the fragrances for the soul. Overall, "essential fir oils have a very balancing and harmonizing effect," emphasized the expert. Even more exotic scents can have a positive effect here. For example, fruit oils from oranges, grapefruit or clementines also spread a Christmas mood and "have a relaxing and mood-lifting effect on the psyche," explained Günther.

Therapeutic use of fragrances Aromatherapy has long known the use of fragrances for therapeutic purposes. The ancient Egyptians already used certain scents to treat patients. Today, fragrances are used in a wide variety of ways - for example in supermarkets too, to influence customers' buying behavior. According to the expert, the effect of essential oils can also be used to avoid or reduce family tensions at Christmas, for example. Hanna Christiane Günther recommends "here an oil mixture that meets the needs of the family" and names various effects of individual fragrances. So lower juniper scent possible disappointments, jasmine and blood orange scent strengthen the personality, geranium and rose scent let the feelings speak. Here too, however, it is important to avoid excessive concentrations of the fragrances. (fp)

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