Food poisoning in 23 students?

Schoolchildren admitted to hospital from leisure center in Oberharz

Again, schoolchildren had to be hospitalized for suspected food poisoning. In recent months, health problems among schoolchildren have been caused by contaminated food. Now a group of schoolchildren got caught in the leisure home in Hohegeiß (Goslar district). 23 pupils were brought to the hospital by the rescue workers on Wednesday with suspected food poisoning, 13 showed symptoms of poisoning.

Numerous students in the group from northern Germany complained of symptoms such as abdominal pain, nausea and vomiting. They were transferred directly from the leisure center in Hohegeiß to the Nordhausen hospital. 13 of the 23 admitted pupils showed signs of poisoning and had to stay in the clinic for observation. The remaining ten were released the night of Thursday. How the complaints of the pupils during their visit to the Upper Harz was triggered is so far unclear. However, there is a suspicion of a connection with food in the community facility.

The food for schoolchildren provided by external service providers had caused one of the largest food epidemics in Germany to date about two months ago. Nororviruses on frozen strawberries from a school caterer caused around 11,000 severe gastrointestinal diseases in schoolchildren in eastern Germany. In comparison, the number of people affected in the Harzer Freizeitheim Hohegeiß is negligible, but here too the question arises as to the route of infection. However, the authorities will probably only be able to provide more precise information in a few days or weeks. (fp)

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