Body fat percentage determines the attractiveness

Body fat percentage supposedly determines attractiveness

According to Finnish researchers at the University of Turku, the attractiveness of men to the female sex is essentially determined by the strength of the men's immune system. The women apparently orient themselves on the body fat percentage of men in order to assess their defenses.

In two successive studies, the researchers first checked the defenses of 74 men between the ages of 19 and 31 using the formation of antibodies after a hepatitis B vaccination. According to the scientists, a strong immune response or the formation of many antibodies speaks for a particularly good immune system. The immune response was most pronounced in men with a body fat percentage of twelve percent. In the second experiment, the researchers presented pictures of the subjects' faces and bodies to women, who were asked to rate their attractiveness. The men with the best immune system or a body fat percentage of twelve percent tended to receive the highest rating.

Women subconsciously scan body fat percentage The researchers explained that when they looked at the pictures, the women apparently subconsciously analyzed their body fat percentage and tended to prefer a body fat percentage that stood for a good immune system. According to the researchers, the facial features, which have so far mostly been assessed as a decisive factor in the attractiveness assessment, had no comparable influence on the decision of the women. A good immune system signals to women that men are suitable as potential father for their children, which leads to the positive evaluation. As part of the current study, scientists from the University of Turku worked with researchers from the University of Daugavpils in Latvia. (fp)

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