Sports and their risk of injury

The most popular sports - and their risk of injury

In the wake of the popular wave of fitness and health, there has been a significant increase in sports enthusiasts in recent years. However, with the growing number of athletes, the frequency of sports injuries and sports-related overload damage, such as Dr. med. Wolfgang Renschler, Head of Section of the Clinic for Orthopedics and Traumatology of the District Clinics Darmstadt-Dieburg, confirmed. He explains which injuries occur frequently in which sports.

Jogging Running is a popular sport and healthy in moderation. But if you increase your training volume quickly, you increase the risk of injury for muscle strains. "Strains are micro-tears in the collagen fibers and runners are particularly often affected," explains Dr. Renschler. Poor training or insufficiently warmed up muscles are the cause. He then recommends a break, good ice cooling and high storage. Otherwise, the injury can expand into a torn muscle.

Football Football is one of the most injured sports in Germany. Often you bend your foot and this can lead to ligament injuries to the ankle and injuries to the midfoot. With a metatarsal fracture, swelling and severe pain occur, so that one can hardly occur. If the bones are clearly displaced or heal very slowly despite immobilization, surgical therapy should also be considered.

Skiing The most common injury to skiers is the cruciate ligament rupture: when you bend or turn, especially at low speed or when standing, there is an unfavorable lever mechanism that can no longer be held by the muscles and the anterior cruciate ligament tears. The cruciate ligament tear is a serious injury that affects overall knee stability and is usually associated with severe pain.

If physiotherapy and joint protection training do not provide relief, a possible and common method of operation at the district clinics in Darmstadt-Dieburg is the so-called cruciate ligament plastic. Dr. Renschler describes the procedure as follows: “No plastic is used for cruciate ligament plastics. Rather, the term stands for cruciate ligament replacement surgery with the body's own material. In the methods we perform, a leg-specific tendon is removed from the leg, which is then arthroscopically inserted into the knee as a cruciate ligament. This operation is carried out frequently with us. ”While large incisions had to be made on the knee joint to perform a cruciate ligament plastic surgery a few years ago, an approx. 3 cm incision on the tibia head is now sufficient in addition to the two punctures for arthroscopy. The rehabilitation measures have also changed and shortened as a result.

Basketball Ankle ligament tear is one of the most common basketball injuries. According to Dr. Renschler is an effective protection but is actually possible: "A well-balanced training of the shin muscles and a good stretching of the calf muscles before sport are, in addition to good footwear, an excellent prophylaxis against torn ligaments on the ankle." If there is a tear, the ankle should be for four to six weeks. If several ligaments are torn, surgery is also carried out.

Mountain biking, inline skating and handball The last rays of sunshine this year attract mountain bike riders and inline skaters outdoors. Dangerous falls can easily occur in athletic overzealousness: the most common injury mechanism is falling on the extended wrist. While the spokes in the wrist area usually break in older people, the forearm is often also affected in children and adolescents. But also handball players, rugby players and goalkeepers are generally particularly predestined for a scaphoid fracture, because the scaphoid can break against the hand due to the direct impact of the ball. “Patients often mistakenly assume that the hand is just sprained. But this is not a bruise, but a serious bone injury, ”emphasizes Dr. Fractures of the scaphoid can either be immobilized for six weeks using an adapted forearm splint or, if necessary, surgically repaired. In the latter case, immobilization is only necessary for a few days. In order to prevent the joint from shifting, fractures treated in this way are immobilized in a forearm splint for several weeks to be on the safe side.

Event: Injuries to the knee during sports
Next Friday, November 30th, from 6 p.m., the Groß-Umstadt district clinic invites all interested parties to a training event under the motto "Injuries to the knee during sports". In this context, a live operation of an anterior cruciate ligament plastic by Dr. Czerny performed. The operation will be broadcast as a video conference. All interested and sports enthusiasts as well as the local doctors in the region are invited.

Dr. Schunck, chief physician of the clinic for orthopedics and traumatology, and section head Dr. Renschler lead through the program, senior physician Dr. Pralle presents the most common sports injuries on the knee. The senior physician at the Clinic for Radiology explains how the cruciate ligament tear can be diagnosed even more precisely in the acute phase. Wolff. During the event there is regular live broadcast in the operating theater. The venue is the adjoining room of the cafeteria in the Groß-Umstadt district clinic.

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