Alternative practitioner approval on the test bench

The admission requirements for alternative practitioners were the subject of the Petitions Committee of the German Bundestag. A quick change in the law is not in sight.

The Petitions Committee of the German Bundestag has decided to send a petition on the subject of alternative practitioners to the Federal Ministry of Health (BMG) as material and to make it known to the political groups. The petition called for stricter access requirements for the profession of alternative practitioner.

The petitioner suggests specific entry requirements for the profession of alternative practitioner, e.g. a minimum age, the Abitur, three years of training in the health sector and certain examination procedures. With regard to these specific demands, the Committee points out that an amendment to the Alternative Practitioners Act in the petitioner's sense would raise, among other things, the fundamental question “whether a further profession with competencies largely similar to the medical profession is currently still required and how a possibly newly regulated one is Alternative practitioner could insert into the system of existing medical professions ".

The Federal Ministry of Health does not consider a short-term change in the law regarding the demands in the petition possible, because the questions presented require an "intensive, also public discussion". However, the ministry points out that the federal and state governments are currently discussing the interpretation and application of alternative practitioner law based on various judgments, including those of the highest judge. The Association of Alternative Practitioners has announced that it will join the discussion and "actively support the interests of its members and the profession".

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