Diabetics have a high risk of periodontitis

Diabetics should see the dentist at least twice a year. Because those suffering from diabetes are at significantly higher risk of periodontitis, as the German Medical Association announced in Berlin. Doctors with diabetes suffer from periodontitis, which can have negative consequences for insulin resistance.

Periodontitis can have a negative effect on the course of the metabolic disease and "lead to an increase in blood sugar levels", as scientific studies have shown. Oral cavity inflammation increases insulin resistance in the body and thus worsens blood sugar levels.

Therefore, diabetics should pay special attention to the care of the teeth and gums. In addition, regular check-ups at the dentist are essential. Diabetes patients are also at higher risk of periodontitis than non-diabetics. In the worst case, the disease leads to complete loss of teeth if not treated, as the Federal Dental Association emphasized in a statement. (sb)

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