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Coronary artery disease

Coronary artery disease focus of the heart weeks

Coronary heart disease (CHD) is the focus of the current heart weeks of the German Heart Foundation. Numerous medical facilities across Germany are devoting themselves to the current topic of heart weeks with a wide variety of activities. It is not only intended to point out the spread and the dangers of coronary heart disease, but also ways to prevent the widespread heart disease.

Experts provide information about the risks of coronary heart disease According to the German Heart Foundation, more than five million people (around 2.3 million women and 3.2 million men) are affected by coronary heart disease in Germany. Around 32 percent of women and 50 percent of men will develop CHD in the course of their lives. Around 665,000 patients have to be hospitalized annually for coronary artery disease, and almost 60,000 die from a heart attack. Cardiologists and other experts provide information about the risks of CHD at numerous events throughout Germany as part of the Herzwochen. For example, the "Wattenscheider Heart Seminar" with lectures on the topic "Heart in Danger - Recognizing and Treating Coronary Heart Disease" will take place on Wednesday (November 14) in the Marien Hospital in Wattenscheid. Next week on Tuesday (November 20) there will be a lecture by Professor Dr. at the GRN Clinic Schwetzingen med. Bernd Waldecker, chief physician of the cardiology, angiology, and internal emergency and intensive care medicine department, on the development, symptoms and treatment of acute heart attacks. Patients, relatives and interested parties are invited to the events.

Far-reaching symptoms of coronary artery disease Coronary artery disease describes a gradual narrowing of the coronary arteries, which causes insufficient blood flow to the heart and can thus lead to cardiac arrhythmia, cardiac insufficiency, heart failure and ultimately to a heart attack. Accompanying symptoms can include, for example, heart pain, a stinging in the chest or angina pectoris (pressure and tightness in the chest). Heart stumbling and races are also possible signs of coronary artery disease. At worst, the disease ends in a fatal heart attack. Most people are not aware of the risk of CHD. Affected people often only notice the disease when symptoms of heart failure or a heart attack have already occurred, explained the CEO of the German Heart Foundation, Dr. Thomas Meinertz.

Avoiding coronary heart disease through a healthy lifestyle According to the heart specialist, coronary heart disease would be detectable at an early stage and could be effectively treated through a healthy lifestyle, the elimination of risk factors, medication and catheter intervention or bypass surgery. According to the experts of the German Heart Foundation, there are some factors that cannot be influenced, such as age or heredity, that are related to CHD, but the main cause is usually the unhealthy lifestyle, lack of exercise, poor nutrition, overweight and stress. Tobacco consumption also favors the development of coronary heart disease. First of all, the unhealthy lifestyle results in an increased occurrence of high blood pressure, lipid metabolism disorders (increased cholesterol levels) and diabetes, which in the long term favors the narrowing of the coronary arteries and the occurrence of coronary heart disease. As part of the Heart Weeks of the German Heart Foundation, internists, cardiologists and dieticians throughout Germany provide information about the causes, diagnostics and treatment of coronary artery disease, because there is a great need for information. The aim of the nationwide information campaign is to reach as broad a public as possible in order to raise awareness of the risks of the common disease. (fp)

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