21-kilo tumor successfully removed

Thuringian doctors removed a tumor with a weight of 21 kilograms and a diameter of 37 centimeters from a 71-year-old patient. The patient had turned to his family doctor for a massive increase in the size of his abdomen. The doctor immediately referred him to the Altenburger Land Clinic, where a huge tumor was identified when examined using a magnetic resonance tomograph (MRI).

To remove the giant tumor, the doctors had only the option of surgery. "Of course, we informed the patient very carefully about the facts and the risks before this special operation," explained the chief physician of the clinic for general, visceral and vascular surgery, Dr. med. Rigo Voigt added, "Even at university tumor centers, a tumor of this size is a rarity."

Complicated removal of the giant tumor The patient's tumor grew so massively that the 71-year-old noticed a steadily growing belly. The size of the ulcer that was subsequently discovered was nevertheless surprising. The operation was correspondingly complicated. The procedure lasted about three hours, during which Dr. Rigo Voigt was supported by two other surgeons. Given the size of the tumor, the physicians faced a special challenge because the procedure involved the involvement of the upper abdominal organs, such as the pancreas, liver and spleen. The “tumor was also very close to the central vessels of the intestinal blood flow and was difficult to resolve at these points,” reports the Altenburger Land Clinic. Under the given conditions, maintaining the ventilation system was not an everyday challenge. Overall, the removal of the giant tumor was successful and it could be completely removed, the clinic announced. Complications had not arisen during the operation and the patient had already been able to leave the hospital.

Reports of giant tumors increase Overall, reports of such giant tumors have increased significantly in recent months. For example, an operation was already carried out in Berlin in 2009, in which doctors from the private hospital company "Capital Health Hospital Group" taking care of the 35-year-old patient from Saudi Arabia removed around 18 kilograms of a malignant bone tumor from the pelvis in five operations. The patient herself weighed only 37 kilograms. In August, doctors at the University Hospital of Cologne freed a woman from an ovarian tumor that weighed more than 14 kilograms, followed in early September by the removal of an 18 kilogram tumor in the uterus of a 52-year-old patient at the Clemens Hospital in Münster. In October, doctors from the University Hospital Dresden removed a 28-kilogram tumor from the abdominal cavity of a senior citizen. However, all of these reports of giant tumors appear harmless given the operation by an international team of doctors in Vietnam earlier this year in which a 90 kilogram tumor was removed from a patient in over 13 hours of surgery. The giant ulcer on the leg had been with the patient all his life and had grown continuously. (fp)

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