Doctor is said to have operated dozen times for no reason

A doctor at the Altmark Clinic Gardelegen is said to have operated for many reasons

According to a report by the ARD television magazine "Faktor", a doctor in Saxony-Anhalt is said to have performed numerous operations unnecessarily. Seven senior physicians from the Altmark Clinic Gardelegen have made serious accusations against the doctor and the clinic management. The interventions without sufficient indication were presumably carried out for cost reasons.

At the Altmark Clinic Gardelegen in Saxony-Anhalt, a neurosurgeon apparently performed unnecessary operations on patients. This has been researched by the ARD magazine "Fact". Dozens of patients are said to have been advised to have an operation performed, although there were no sufficient medical reasons. Seven clinic doctors raise serious accusations against their employer.

Herniated disc surgery without herniated disc
According to its own statements, the magazine has a list of the names of numerous patients who have had surgery for no sufficient reason in the past twelve months. Almost all of those affected underwent spinal surgery. According to the magazine, "medical records show that the treating neurosurgeon operated on a herniated disc in many cases, although a radiologist had previously determined that there was no herniated disc at all." In one patient case, the doctor operated on narrowing the spinal canal of the spine, which is said to have been narrowed. However, a radiologist had previously noted that the vital nerve channel was "moderately normal".

Did the hospital management know about it?
The magazine claims in its edition that the behavior of the doctor is known to the hospital management. Several senior doctors have repeatedly criticized the grievances in the clinic. Seven doctors signed a letter to the hospital's board of directors stating that the incidents were serious and dangerous bodily harm that could be punished. "If the incidents are not completely cleared up, the existence and reputation of the Altmark Clinic is at risk."

Instead of clearing up the grievances, the clinic would put pressure on the undersigned doctors. One of the doctors, Dr. Bernd Falkenberg, received three terminations within a few months, which, however, always came to nothing. The surgeon said, "I suspect that I should be silenced."

Did a patient die from unnecessary surgery?
Bernd Falkenberg's lawyer reports that even one patient died as a result of an unnecessarily performed operation. The reason for the operations without indication were “higher revenues”, as another doctor reported, but who wants to remain anonymous. Patients have been urged to undergo surgery, the doctor told the "fact".

The hospital management rejects the allegations. A written statement states that the information about irregularities and alleged treatment errors is taken seriously. However, an internal examination did not provide any clues. In addition, the medical service would regularly check all the findings. A doctor was indeed dismissed, but this was done for "personal reasons".

Now the statutory health insurance companies have also intervened. The fact report is currently under review. If the information turns out to be authentic, the investigative authorities may also be involved, as a spokesman for the Association of Replacement Funds emphasized. (sb)

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