Expensive cream no better than discount skin cream

Skin cream from discounters as well as expensive anti-aging cream

Expensive skin creams do not deliver what they promise. Cheaper anti-aging creams from discounters have an identical effect, according to dermatologists. Expensive branded products are therefore nothing more than "pure waste of money", the Munich dermatologist, Josef Pilz, told the news agency "dapd".

The expensive skin creams often advertise with special ingredients and a particularly positive effect on the skin. The anti-aging cream is said to make the skin appear younger, smoother and more beautiful overall. However, dermatologists are extremely critical of this promise. A “deep effect” cannot be achieved with the creams, “their potential effect fizzles out on the surface,” explained Josef Pilz. A lot of money is required here for little effect.

Expensive skin creams cannot keep the advertising promise The advertising promise of the expensive anti-aging creams sounds tempting, but according to the experts, the products cannot actually achieve the hoped-for effect. Special ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, vitamin E or Q 10 are "basically also good for the skin" as active ingredients, but they cannot develop the promised deep effects, explained the Munich dermatologist Josef Pilz. "The molecules of the active ingredients are usually too large, to penetrate the cornea, "says the dermatologist. The expensive, special care substances therefore remain on the skin surface instead of developing a firming effect in deeper layers." So apart from a care effect of the outer skin layer, there is no anti-aging process Set in motion regardless of how expensive the cream is, ”Pilz emphasized.

Expensive creams do not achieve an improved skin care result In perfumeries, special anti-aging creams are sometimes offered for prices well over 50 euros per pack. Manufacturers are paying dearly for the promise of eternally young skin. But in special tests, the expensive products would not have achieved better skin care results than cheap skin creams from the discounter, explained the Munich dermatologist. The discounter products are "already for a few euros." The expensive anti-aging creams are therefore "a waste of money." According to the Munich dermatologist, it is generally advisable to apply cream to the face, neck and décolleté every day. Optimal skin support can be achieved "with a light, moisturizing and well-tolerated cream". In this way, "natural skin aging can be counteracted even without an expensive anti-aging program". (fp)

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