Many women also snore

Noise at night is no longer just a problem for men

The rumor persists that only men who are overweight or who drink alcohol snore. In fact, many women deprive their bed mates of their sleep. More than a third of the female sex snores - with increasing age - more or less strongly. Many are ashamed of this phenomenon, which is considered extremely female, and seek help from the dentist. Because a certain position of the lower jaw in the relaxed state often leads to a narrowing of the throat and thus to the annoying breathing noises. In 90 percent of all cases, the problem can be easily solved with a so-called snoring device.

"Transparent rails for the upper and lower jaws move the lower jaw forward using a special connection and hold it in this position," explains Dr. Diana Svoboda, medical director of the Essen dental clinic "diPura". "This widens the airways and reduces the noisy flutter of the soft palate." Dentists take an impression, determine the desired position of the lower jaw and have individual specimens made for each patient in the laboratory. In a second session, they adjust the splints exactly again and give a brief introduction to use and care. For many women, the rails not only bring back the night's sleep they crave, but also their self-confidence. "Most find it much worse to snore themselves than a background noise next to them," reports Dr. Svoboda. As a result, patients often have more energy in their everyday lives. Because pronounced snoring also damages health due to poor breathing.

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