Piercing by ENT doctors?

Otolaryngologists: Piercings belong in medical hands

Nowadays, piercings no longer only mean rebellion and being different, but represent pieces of jewelry. According to the survey, every 15th person in Germany has a piercing on the nose, tongue, chin, ear cup, eyebrows, lips or cheeks. Women between 14 and 24 in particular often adorn themselves with pins and rings in their skin. Since freshly pierced items are initially open wounds, complications occasionally occur. Experts from the ENT-NRW, a group of established ear, nose and throat doctors, point out that piercings in this area belong best in ENT specialist hands.

Otolaryngologists always pierce under sterile conditions and with standardized instruments. First disinfect the marked area and remove any annoying hair. "Due to precise knowledge of anatomical structures and the sterile procedure, complications only occur extremely rarely," explains Dr. Uso Walter, Chairman of the "HNOnet NRW" medical network. "In the unlikely event of skin infections or tears, ENT specialists treat them quickly and safely." ENT specialists have undergone many years of training, bringing with them the necessary specialist knowledge and qualifications, and not just learning from watching. They regularly monitor the healing processes that last between four weeks and one year. A visit to the otolaryngologist is advisable not only for complications after piercing. Therefore, when it comes to piercing, the following applies: "Piercings belong in qualified ENT hands".

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