Fumaric acid ester effective against multiple sclerosis

Psoriasis medication relieves MS symptoms

Scientists at the Ruhr University in Bochum have discovered a new way to treat multiple sclerosis (MS). The "active ingredient that has long been proven against psoriasis" fumaric acid ester has significantly alleviated MS symptoms in current studies, report Professor Dr. Ralf Gold from the Ruhr University Bochum and colleagues.

MS is still incurable to this day, but modern medications can significantly slow the process. However, "the active ingredients are either limited in their effectiveness or associated with serious side effects," according to the Ruhr-Universit├Ąt. Fortunately, however, the fumaric acid ester, which has long been proven against psoriasis, can help to relieve the symptoms of MS. As a result of the application, the MS patients had 50 percent fewer MS flare-ups and up to 90 percent fewer inflammatory active foci, reports the Ruhr University. The researchers around Professor Dr. Ralf Gold has now been able to demonstrate how fumaric acid ester protects nerve cells from multiple sclerosis.

Firewall protects nerve cells from MS By chance, doctors discovered some time ago that fumaric acid esters can have an extremely positive effect on MS patients. In patients who suffered from both MS and psoriasis, "the symptoms of MS improved remarkably when taking medication with fumaric acid esters," reports the Ruhr University Bochum. Professor Gold's neurologists have now been able to demonstrate how the fumaric acid ester protects against MS symptoms. "The nerve cells are protected from inflammable messengers like a firewall, especially free radicals and nitrogen oxide," explained Professor Gold. According to the researchers, a study with over 2,400 patients has succeeded in proving that fumaric acid esters reduce MS relapse rates by up to 50 percent and the inflammatory active foci in the patient's body, which can be seen with magnetic resonance imaging, by up to 90 percent reduced. A quite convincing effect of the psoriasis medication.

Fumaric acid ester highly effective against MS and nonetheless harmless The researchers were not only impressed by the effect of the fumaric acid ester on MS, but also the comparatively few side effects speak in the opinion of neurologists for the use of the psoriasis drug. In the case of fumaric acid esters, digestive complaints are known to be a widespread side effect, which affects around 40 percent of patients in dermatological use. However, the side effects could be greatly reduced by a modified formulation of the drug, the scientists of the Ruhr University Bochum report. Only three to five percent of the patients had shown corresponding side effects. Fumaric acid ester is "highly effective and nonetheless harmless - a new experience in MS therapy!" Emphasized Professor Gold.

MS Most common neurological cause of disabilities MS is a disease of the body's immune system (autoimmune disease), in which chronic inflammatory processes attack the central nervous system. The insulating layer of the nerve fiber tracts is destroyed by your own immune system. Since the disease can affect the entire central nervous system, numerous different neurological symptoms are possible in multiple sclerosis. These range from visual disturbances to pain and numbness in the limbs to motor disorders and paralysis. Swallowing disorders, dizziness and speech disorders are also possible consequences of MS. With around 130,000 people affected, the disease is considered the most common neurological cause of disabilities in young adults in Germany, reports the Ruhr University Bochum. Effective drugs to relieve MS symptoms are therefore of great medical interest.

Fruit acid as an aid in the fight against multiple sclerosis The fact that fumaric acid ester of all things can significantly alleviate the symptoms of MS patients was a positive surprise not only for the scientists at the Ruhr University in Bochum. Different preparations against MS have been used since the 1990s, but with rather modest success. They either did not have the desired effect or were associated with massive side effects that made use of them hardly seem recommendable, the scientists report. The fumaric acid ester that has already been tried and tested in psoriasis now promises efficient symptom relief without side effects. Fumaric acid ester is obtained from the fruit acid fumaric acid. This can be found in many plants, fungi and lichens, but also in the human body. Fumaric acid is also approved as a food additive and serves as an acidifier in the food industry. (fp)

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