USA votes on cannabis legalization

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Drug policy earthquake in the US predicted for November 6th

On November 6th, the Americans not only elect a new president, they also vote in some states on the full legalization of cannabis. According to current opinion polls, these initiatives lead a whopping majority in Colorado and Washington.

"Tax and Regulate", tax and regulate, ie legally organize the entire marijuana market from production to delivery to the consumer; these votes are no less important.

With such a referendum, the triumphal march of "medical marijuana" in the USA began in the 1990s. The use of hemp flowers as medicine is now legal in 17 US states, and more are constantly being added. Thousands of delivery points now serve the patients. This has an impact worldwide on the discussion about cannabis as medicine.

If the full legalization initiatives come through, global cannabis prohibition will falter. The USA will fail to be the engine of this repressive policy and show that the regulation of the cannabis market is possible despite all international contracts. “For us, these votes are the event of the year. Legalization in Colorado and Washington will make waves as far as Germany in the medium term. This is the beginning of the end of the global cannabis ban, "said Georg Wurth from the German Hemp Association. (Pm)

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